ESBT 2018 Stop #1 – Stroud

Tour Stop 1 was played on the specially designed Lucky Larsen pattern, for the WBT event that goes by the same name, Lucky Larsen – named after… yes, you guessed it…. Martin “ Lucky” Larsen, one of Swedens finest players and…. All round nice guy. We had the pleasure of Storm Bowling’s Bill Supper and Peter Somoff decide on this pattern for the first Stop of season 2.

The Pattern measures 38ft in length and uses 26.5ml of lane oil.

Who would be able to “ Get Lucky “ on this pattern???

Jason Belmonte won on this pattern in Sweden last year…… could we have a 2 handed winner??

Squad 1:

Players in squad 1 consisted of a Multiple EBT Major Winner and newly voted housewife’s favourite , Rob Thurlby, one of Malaysias finest exports and certainly no stranger to huge scores, ZZ – Zulmazran Zulkifli , Team England’s Gordon Humphries and Gary Baker…… could any of these be Belmo of Stroud??

As the bowling came to the last game, Jason Agate was leading but a slip up in game 8 meant Lee Cocker took squad 1 with a score of 1664 only 14 pins behind was Jason with 1650 and rounding out the top 3 was Craig Barrett with 1646 only just 1 pin in front of “ miss consistent” Katie Finnigan on 1645.

“ ZZ” was 7th on 1605 but poor old Thurlby just didn’t have his striking boots on and ended up 20th on 1472.

Squad 2:

was soon to start and we would now see some very familiar names. ESBT Winner and 2017 Masters Champion Adam Michaels, EBT Legend Paul “ Roger “ Moor, Englands Finest Stevie T, H.O.F Mrs Kim Oakley and the return of new “ old boy”  Richard “ Tricky “ Hood!

Could any of these topple the leaderboard and knock Cocker off the top spot? Could one of our previous winners , win again?

Brandon Roberts got off to a flying start with a fine 277 followed by Stroud Bowl owner and Team England Senior Kim Johnson 258….. the first 3 games were between these 2 for the top spot but as the oil carried down and transition happened Kim would lose his striking shoes and Brandon sped off with a few new chasers, Adam Michaels, Paul Moor and the silver fox Stevie T.

Going in to game 8 , it was a close one…… it was looking like the +100 mark would be needed… Brandon hit trouble with a 186 , Stevie T only managed a 172, Paul Moor was 205 but that wasn’t enough to stop ESBT Masters Winner Adam Michaels from taking top spot , again, and winning on 1713.

This was Adams 2nd Tour Stop win after Farnborough 2017. A slight repeat of the 2017 Masters final with Adam just taking Brandon.

Following Adam was Brandon in 2nd – 1706 and Paul Moor in 3rd – 1686. Lee Cocker’s earlier attempt landed him in 6th with his 1664.

Rounding out the top 10 and being the highest female was ESBT newcomer and, “ Miss Consistent “ Katie Finnigan with a 1645 – a fantastic first result on the ESBT.

The Sweeper was won by Glen Bailey on 499, Chris Matthews 2nd with 496 and round out the top 3 was “ ZZ “ himself with 493.

Sponsor Added


It is with great pleasure that we can now announce the first sponsor of the English Sport Bowling Tour is the AIK tournament in Sweden held every January. The organiser of the AIK tournament, Ian Robinson has will donate 8 extra prizes which equate to the value of £625. This will be a Free Re-entry to the 2018 AIK bowling tournament held in Sweden in January for the winner of every tour stop including the English Open and a Free First Entry to the winner of the masters at the End of the Year! Now that gives you all even more reason to sign up and play the New sports bowling tour!!

It will be a maximum of 2 Re-entries per person so if someone ends up winning 3 tour stops then on there 3rd win, whoever placed second will Receive the Free Re Entry.
These prizes cannot be traded or sold on.
These prizes are for the 2018 AIK Tournament in Stockholm, Sweden!
Thank you very much to Ian and his team at the AIK tournament in Sweden for giving us these prizes!

Here is the website for the tournament running in January 2017, so take a look at the dates for the AIK tournament in 2018 which will be released in Spring 2017.

Keep your eyes peeled for more sponsorship announcements in the coming weeks too!