A players rolling average will determine any bonus pins earned. Averages will be determined by ESBT play only.

Rolling averages and therefore bonus pins will be determined by the players average from up to six ESBT events, prior to the event in which they are earning bonus pins.

Players without an ESBT average (their first event), will have their bonus pins added retrospectively after their 8 games, and based on their 8 game total.

Example. A male player bowls their first event and scores a 1584 total (198 average). 198 average earns 2 pins per game, so 16 pins will be added to their total making it 1600. They will also have 2 pins bonus per game in their 2nd event. If they bowl a 1520 in their 2nd event, their total will be 1536 inc bonus. Their 16 game scratch total will be 3104, making their rolling average (3104 / 16) 194, and they will therefore earn 6 pins per game in their third event.

Scores for average will not be included from any events other than the six ESBT tour stops. The ESBT Tour Masters, and The English Open will not be considered for average.