Each tour stop will consist of eight games per player American/League style, with between 2 and 5 bowlers per pair of lanes. Bowlers will move to a different pair of lanes every game. Lane assignment is based either by entry on the day or prior to the tour stop by the organisation.

For every tour stop, there should be a minimum of 30 bowlers. The ESBT committee will decide upon whether a tour stop will take place in the event the minimum number is not met.


Re-entry is not allowed. Though it is allowed to pace (at entry fee excluding prize fee) after playing qualifying series.



A maximum of 10 bonus pins for men with an average below 200. An average of 199 = 1 bonus pin, 198 = 2, 197 = 3 etc. per game. Averages will be rounded down, so e.g. 199.30 is 199.


Up to 15 bonus pins for women with an average below 205. An average of 204 = 1 bonus pin, 203 – 2, 202 – 3 etc. per game. Averages will be rounded down, so e.g. 199.30 is 199.

Averages are calculated by a rolling average of the last six events. New bowlers will earn handicap for their first event at the end of their first eight game block. This handicap will be applied to their first and second event, and their rolling average at all future events.


Tour Stop Rankings

Final positions will be based on the final ranking for each tour stop, determined by the Total pinfall incl. Bonus. This is a mixed ranking (men and women).
Participants who win prizes in this ranking are NOT eligible for the 2nd ranking (sweeper), but are for the 3rd ranking (Tour ranking).


Sweeper Rankings

The sweeper ranking (mixed) is based on the players total of the two highest games including bonus on all games played in the respective tour stop. This ranking is intended for participants outside of the 1st final ranking.
The top 3 (or more, depending on the number of participants of the respective stop) of the sweeper ranking always earns prize money.


Tour ranking

The scores of participants for all played games are applicable for the tour ranking, which is determined by ranking points. Ranking points can be earned based on total pinfall (and bonus) during each tour stop. The total ranking points after all six tour stops, and the English Open determines the tour ranking.

Each tour stop will generate between £2.50 and £5 per participant to be included in the tour pot.

The ranking points are based on finishing position at each tour stop. Men and Ladies will be in one mixed division.

The top 30 players, at each stop, earn ranking points based on their position.

The points system for the top 30 is: 1st = 30, 2nd = 29, 3rd = 28 etc … 30th = 1 point

At least the top 16 of the tour ranking after 6 stops and the English Open, qualify for the Masters Finals (see Masters finals). To qualify for the Masters, players must have participated in at least 5 of the 7 events.

Tour Stop Finals

There is no final for a tour stop. The final score of the tour stop is determined on all games played after all played series. There are, Masters finals played after six tour stops and The English Open (see Masters finals).

Masters finals

At least the top 16 of the tour ranking after all 7 played tour stops will qualify automatically for the Masters Finals.

PAY ATTENTION!! Each participant must have played at least 5 out of the 7 points earning events (Six tour stops and The English Open) to qualify for placement in the Masters Finals.
Each players best five tour position points will be used to determine qualification to the masters. If a player has played more than 5 tour stops, there lowest points will be dropped.
After each stop an announcement will be displayed on the website of the total money in the tour pot. There is also a sponsors opportunity to fill this financial tour pot.

English Open Points.

To earn ESBT points at The English Open, players must be members of the ESBT, and must submit a payment of £10 before their squad begins at The English Open. These fees will be entered directly into the ESBT Tour Pot (Masters). The ranking will be based on the players first six games entry into The English Open. No re-entries will be considered.

Series format:

See website

The series format and start times are determined individually at each tour stop, depending on the number of available lanes in each bowling centre and after prior consultation with the host bowling centre.

Entry fee and prize structure:

The registration fee is £60 per participant per tour stop and is structured as follows.

£23 roughly for the Bowling Centre per participant.
£30 prize money.
£2 organisation fee & £2 Team England donation & £3 Masters contribution.

Please pay the entry fee in cash. The bowling centre may not accept credit card payments, and it may not be possible to retrieve cash back at the host centre.

PAY ATTENTION!! The prize money is paid per stop, according to the prize payout table. (10 per number of participants)

If there are more participants than indicated in the prize payout table, the remaining money per participant will be put into the tour pot.

So the prize payout table of 40 participants will be used for 40 to 49 participants.

Thus, for example, there are 41 participants, the prize fee of one participant will go to the tour pot, at 42 of 2 to 43, 3 etc. up to and including 49, 9.

Lane Conditions:

The used oil patterns from Kegel Sports or Sports WTBA database or developed by Kegel, Brunswick, or PTBC Technical Director. There will be lane maintenance before each squad.


The scores per game should be completed on the score sheet and after the squad returned to the organiser. Unreturned or incomplete scores are considered a 0 score. Incorrectly completed scores are considered to be a 0 score.

Tie rules.

In case of a tie, the highest last game (incl. bonus) prevails. Should a tie still exist, then the highest second last game (incl. bonus) will be used etc.

If, still a tie then the prize money will equally be divided between the concerned players.

If there is a tie in the sweeper standings, prize money will be added together and divided by the number equal terminated participants.

If there is a tie in the tour standings after all played stops, then those with the highest average incl. Bonus for all stops places highest.


In all cases not covered by these regulations, the ESBT committee will make a decision based on the B.T.B.A. Rules & Regulations, and their decision shall be final, subject to appeal to the B.T.B.A.

All participants are required to be current members of the BTBA or members of good standing of their own National Association