Sponsor Added


It is with great pleasure that we can now announce the first sponsor of the English Sport Bowling Tour is the AIK tournament in Sweden held every January. The organiser of the AIK tournament, Ian Robinson has will donate 8 extra prizes which equate to the value of £625. This will be a Free Re-entry to the 2018 AIK bowling tournament held in Sweden in January for the winner of every tour stop including the English Open and a Free First Entry to the winner of the masters at the End of the Year! Now that gives you all even more reason to sign up and play the New sports bowling tour!!

It will be a maximum of 2 Re-entries per person so if someone ends up winning 3 tour stops then on there 3rd win, whoever placed second will Receive the Free Re Entry.
These prizes cannot be traded or sold on.
These prizes are for the 2018 AIK Tournament in Stockholm, Sweden!
Thank you very much to Ian and his team at the AIK tournament in Sweden for giving us these prizes!

Here is the website for the tournament running in January 2017, www.aiktournament.se so take a look at the dates for the AIK tournament in 2018 which will be released in Spring 2017.

Keep your eyes peeled for more sponsorship announcements in the coming weeks too!