Results are in…… Im sure everybody would agree, this Cheetah has thankfully ran off!! Tour Stop 3 is in the books…

Posted by Sportbowling.uk on Sunday, April 28, 2019

2019 Season Update

We will be introducing a scratch pot to every event in 2019. The optional scratch pot will be £40 per event and will be paid out in line with the scratch pot table. Ladies and Seniors will receive 8-pins per game in the scratch pot.

The English Sport Bowling Tour (ESBT) is set up for the promotion of sport bowling. The sport bowling tour will be played in various bowling centres with different stops on different dates.

Sports Patterns

Each tour stop consists of a total of 8 games of which each game will be played on a pair of lanes. You will only play on sport conditions. Per stop a long, medium or short sports pattern will be used.

Prize money per tour stop and ‘sweeper’

When everybody has finished the 8 games per tourstop, the final score will immediately be known and prize money will be distributed. So, there will be no finals or a final day. You only have to make 1 trip to play your 8 games.

Participants who have not cashed for prize money, compete in the so called ‘sweeper’. In the sweeper, your 2 highest games out of the 8 played games are considered.

The prize schedule can be found under the information button on top of this website.

Tour Masters

To qualify for the tour masters you must have played at least 5 of the possible 7 points earning events (six tour stops and the optional English Open). If you play all six stops then five highest finishes will count for the ranking. The total prize money in the tour pot will be announced after each stop on the website.

After all stops the winners are announced. At least the best 6 men and the best 2 women are in the prizes.

Costs and registration

A tour registration fee of £50 is payable and will allow the player to earn points for the tour season (one year). This registration fee will go straight to the end of season Masters.
Players that have not paid the £50 tour registration can still enter individual tour stops by paying a £10 tour fee per stop, but will not earn points. This fee will go straight to the end of season Masters. Players can opt to pay the £50 tour registration fee at any point during the tour, but will only earn points from events taking place after payment.

The entry fee per stop is £60 per person. You can register for each individual stop. Direct registration for one of the stops of the sport bowling tour can be done via: www.sportbowling.uk.

Bonus Tour Points

Players that compete in the English Open can pay £10 to earn ESBT tour points at this event. Points will be based on the players first qualifying entry. The £10 fee will go straight to the end of season ESBT Masters.


All information and regulations for this sport bowling tour can be found under the information button on top of this website.


For more information and questions, please contact:

Andy James, e-mail: andy@ptbc.co.uk